World Bet Club – Play To Earn Game 2024

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World Bet Club – Play To Earn Game 2024



⚽️World Bet Club is the world’s first BSC-based NFT football betting game. Players can participate in betting through Defi in real time and sharing the reward after each match.

Referral program is born to reward players which put their efforts to invite more other players join our World Bet Club.

Eg: After you successfully invited player A to join World Bet, with $100 WBT he exchanges you will be rewarded $2.8. Similarly, after player A invited player B, you will receive 1.2% of the amount of tokens player B exchanges every transaction.

✅KYCed ( & Audited (

Referral Program

( Big Partners & Huge Marketing

Antibot Trading

⛓Live on multiple Chain(BSC Chain,DogeChain, NULS Network)

Staking Mechanism
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World Bet Club – Play To Earn Game 2024

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