PxQuest – Best Play To Earn Game

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PxQuest – Best Play To Earn Game

PxQuest is an NFT project and Free to Play MMORPG scheduled for beta release in late 2022. The game can be played with or without crypto and NFTs. Players can enjoy fast-paced combat through a variety of visually-rich randomised dungeons, in addition to a collaborative kingdom-building and crafting economy.

Our genesis collection of 5000 Adventurer NFT characters sold out in January 2022. These and every playable character, plots of land, mounts, pets and valuable loot can all be minted as carbon-neutral NFTs owned and traded by players.

The PxQuest game is a web2+3 free-to-play MMORPG in which every playable character, land, mounts, pets and valuable loot can be an NFT owned and traded by players. The game has AAA 3D visuals, is desktop-based and centres upon real-time dungeon raiding and a kingdom-building collaborative economy.

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PxQuest – Best Play To Earn Game

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