Open Era- Best Blockchain Game

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Open Era- Best Blockchain Game

Dawn of a New Era

OpenEra is a MMORPG built on the Solana blockchain and powered by Serum. It is inspired by classics like RuneScape and modern MMOs like Albion Online. OpenEra is about uncovering your destiny and taking part in an evolving timeline — traveling through space and time together, as an ever expanding community.

The driving force behind OpenEra is to develop a virtual space where you can live, create and explore. In this world you’ll not only craft unique items with special properties from complex biomes, but most importantly you’ll be able to craft your own story. You’ll not only be able to forge new weapons from verifiably scarce ore, but also forge new friendships and relationships — bounded by trust, reputation, or perhaps by mutually enforceable agreements.

OpenEra is not just another game, but a world you can govern and transcend to a new era.

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Open Era- Best Blockchain Game

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