South Korea's Removal Play-to-Earn

South Korea's Removal Play-to-Earn

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 28 Mar 2023 13:29 UTC

South Korea Tightens Noose against P2E games by involving Apple and Google.

In a recent move by the regulatory authorities in South Korea, Apple and Google are asked to remove play-to-earn games from their respective stores. South Korea’s Game Management Committee (GMC) states that the P2E games breach its local rules about how much money a player can earn from a game in one go.

South Korea's Request Removal Play-to-Earn Games From App Stores
South Korea's Request Removal Play-to-Earn Games From App Stores

The step to ask Google and Apple to remove P2E games comes in light of South Korea’s Supreme Court decision. The country is implementing new laws related to crypto and P2E games which lead GMC to ask leading app store companies to delist games.

Moreover, it has also asked Apple and Google not to provide age restrictions to such games which will ultimately stop the release of the games. Under South Korean laws, game developers are required to obtain age classification to launch a game in the country.

The age rating is obtained by the government’s Game Content Rating Board (GRCB), or Independent Rating Classification Business Entity like App Store and Google’s Play Store.

This move will stop the release of P2E games in South Korea and evidently, the country’s stance against blockchain-based games is getting tougher and forceful.

A GMC official released a statement in this regard, “It is reasonable to keep P2E games from getting age ratings under the current law," reports Coin Telegraph, "because cash rewards in games can be considered prizes.

South Korea's Request Removal Play-to-Earn Games From App Stores
South Korea's Request Removal Play-to-Earn Games From App Stores

South Korean law only allows a player to make $8.42 from a game at one single time. However, there are cases where the government’s age rating move hasn’t turned out as successful.

Recently, “Fivestars for Klatyn” game succeeded in getting approval when its developer won an injunction against the order. To counter this loophole, GMC has asked Apple, and Google to block such games that require in-app purchases before a player could even start to play them.

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