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Blades of Valor - Game Review

"Blades of Valor" is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game that allows players to mine, level up, gear up, and fight battles to play and own. This game utilizes the BNB blockchain and offers free minting for the first generation of 5000 hero NFTs. These features combine to create a unique and immersive gaming experience for players.

Blades of Valor Game Overview

"Blades of Valor" is a player-versus-player role-playing game (PvP RPG) with arena fighting, in which the winner takes all. The game is directed by Origin's own Yu Pan and is set to be fully launched by the end of the year. In "Blades of Valor," minting your NFT hero is just the beginning. Players can progress through the game by gaining experience through winning battles and obtaining gear with varying rarities and powers. These elements combine to create a dynamic and exciting gaming experience.

Currently, since the game has barely launched, you can choose your hero from four main classes, namely:


Champions of the blade who use cruel punishment on anyone who dares to challenge them in the arena. To be able to vanquish any adversary, these warriors have received extensive training in all forms of fighting.


The rogue lurks in men's imaginations like a whisper on the lips. The wise would remember their presence on the battlefield, delivering devastating blows on those who do not.


Mages, who are masters of both visible and invisible energies, harness the power of nature to vanquish their foes.


They are driven by a ferocious commitment to their views to act with great resolve against those who would disagree with them. Instead of learning how to use a blade, they learn how to use men's hearts.


These are the weapons you wield and the clothes you wear; they have a massive impact on how effective you are in the game. As each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, Similarly, the same is true for clothing; while some can yield great damage, they can be slow to use. Those that provide great defense can cause you to have a slow offense. So you must choose your gear with caution. Finally, players can win gear by winning battles and also buy it.

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Best Game Review - Blades of Valor

Blades of Valor is an NFT game that lets you mine, level up, gear up, and fight battles to play-and-own.

Blades of Valor

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In the NFT game Blades of Valor, you can mine, level up, equip yourself with weapons, and engage in combat. The first 5000 hero NFTs in the game's first generation can be mined for free using the BNB blockchain.

Blades of Valor is a player-versus-player role-playing game (PvP RPG) that features arena fighting where the winner gets everything and is directed by Origin's own Yu Pan. The game will be fully launched by the end of the year. Minting your NFT hero is just the start of the process in Blades of Valor. You can also move forward in the game by winning battles and getting different kinds of gear with different rarities and powers.

Origin is a leading player in Web3 technology with several projects including a stablecoin, Origin token, and blockchain game, Blades of Valor.

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