CipherShooters- Best Play To Earn Game

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CipherShooters- Best Play To Earn Game

Commanders will form a squad to battle against the Evil Corporate overlords that exploit CipherCity. Over time, players earn Cipher Tags tokens and Weapon NFTs that allow them to strengthen their Squads and take the city back from its oppressors.

Ciphershooters is the first Play to Earn game to have a truly sustainable economy supported by a Virtuous Cycle. The Core creates rewards for all players and grows as the players participate in the economy. This creates the cycle, The Core creates rewards, players join to earn rewards, player activity powers The Core, The Core creates even more rewards which in turn attracts more players!

The Core allows Ciphershooters to move away from traditional Play-to-Earn game mechanics that strive to keep users within their ecosystem through various sinks and taxes in order to not deplete their economies rewards system or cause massive inflation to their economies.

While The Core lives within CipherCity we see a future where it could also power the metaverse.

CipherCity is the NFT land where Ciphershooters is based one. The land will be a 100×100 grid filled with enemies who won’t back out without a fight. Operators must join forces to clear the land from enemies before they can claim it. Once claimed, operators can supplement their land with shops, crafting tables, and other beneficial elements.

We want to make owning an Operator a unique experience, that’s why operators will have 10,000s unique looks with every individual class having its own 10,000s of permutations.

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CipherShooters- Best Play To Earn Game

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