Astel of Atra – Best Blockchain game

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Astel of Atra – Best Blockchain game

Astel of Atra P2E MMORPG using Astel NFT

– Thousands of Astel NFTs based on 37 basic looksNFT

– Thousands of Astel NFTs based on 37 basic looks

– P2E economy based on mining cryptocurrency, Zender.

– Provide various and fast growth factors using Zender

– As well as combat, the economic system of exchange, collecting, and manufacturing exists.

Main Contents

– NFT Astel and P2E System

– A growth through varied places such as particular or general fields and dungeon

– Arena Match (PVP) – 1:1Duel ~ 16:16 Battles

– Guild System

Astel of Atra – Best Blockchain game

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