Amber Top – Best Blockchain Game

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Amber Top – Best Blockchain Game

Amber Top . Amber is a three-dimensional first/third-person online space that includes many game modes, such as: Deathmatch — a mode in which teams of players fight each other. The winner is the team that has made the most kills in a certain time or has reached a certain number of kills of the enemy. Territory defence — a mode in which there is a territory that you need to capture and keep it under control for a certain amount of time. The kill is confirmed — after killing the enemy, a key falls out of him, which must be taken away, thereby confirming the killing of the enemy. The team that collects the required number of keys wins (50) Arms race — a mode in which the player, by killing the enemy, receives a new, more advanced weapon. The last weapon is a knife. The team that scores the last knife kill is the winner. Battle Royale — a mode in which a certain number of players (from 20 or more) land out of a vehicle flying over the playing area. Each player chooses for himself the place of landing and the strategy of the battle. The player lands with a basic weapon (pistol) after which he can find other weapons by searching the play area. The winner is the player or team that remains the last survivor. A characteristic feature of the “royal battle” is the “safe zone” that shrinks as the game progresses: the longer the match lasts, the smaller part of the map remains available to players. Open World — is a mode in which players can freely move, chat, share interests, play mini-games and interact with the blockchain environment (buy, sell, transfer, exchange FT and NFT) Secret Mode – in development

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Amber Top – Best Blockchain Game

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